3rd International Konark Festival in Houston

The 3rd Annual 2019 Konark Festival in Houston is a showcase event, filled to the brim with the best of East and Northeast Indian Classical Dance, Music, and Food. This area of India is widely considered to be very peaceful and in touch with nature and the performing arts of this region have had a long-lasting legacy of thousands of years.

Houston has never seen such a diverse collection of Indian performing arts all unified under one platform. A multitude of Eastern and Northeastern Indian Classical dances like Odissi, from the state of Odisha; Manipur, from the state of Manipur; and Sattriya, from the state of Assam will be performed by talented dancers who will absolutely take your breath away. Along with the classical dances, traditional folk dances from East and Northeast India, a fashion show showcasing regional costumes, and live music on Bamboo Flutes and traditional drums will captivate and entrance local Houstonians and art lovers alike.

The spice to the entire event will be the mouthwatering regional cuisine that you won’t be able to find in any restaurant. Local and regional Chefs will be working to deliver traditional food that both fills your belly and your heart.

You won’t want to miss this for anything!

The event is organized by Odissi Academy, a not-for-profit organization with financial support from the City of Houston through the Houston Art Alliance, as well as many other organizations and individual donors.

Admission by Invitation only due to limited seats in the auditorium. It is a free event. Please email KonarkFest2019@OdissiAcademy.com to receive an invitation. Thank you for your cooperation.

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